Azimut's Largest Grande Trideck Megayacht scheduled for a 2021 Delivery

Azimut’s Largest Grande Trideck Megayacht scheduled for a 2021 Delivery

The world’s most prolific luxury yacht builder, Azimut Yachts is expected to deliver it’s largest yacht to date in 2021. Azimut had previously released the renderings and design plans for this flagship back in 2020. Check out the current Azimut Yachts available on 1Yacht.

Azimuta largest Megayacht to date

The Azimut Grande Trideck is the company’s first-ever triple deck yacht, measuring at 38.2 meters.

Exterior Design

The exterior styling and concept, designed by Alberto Mancini, features a raised cockpit and additional outdoor areas for view gazing. At the stern of the boat, a raised deck further offers a spacious exterior that surrounds the deck for a 360-degree panoramic outlook. Mancini’s intention with the raised deck allows for new zones, including the Private Patio, Sea View Terrace, and the Beach Club. With the overwhelming amount of space onboard, both guests and hosts can experience the luxury of independent relaxation in a comfortable setting.

Interior Design

Achille Salvagni designed the interior of this Azimut with rejuvenation, versatility and flow in mind. Within the design, Salvagni removed the traditional dining area on the main deck, transforming the entire area into a lounge. The dining area was shifted to the upper deck.

Hull Design & Engine Specifications

The hull design was spearheaded by naval architect Pierluigi Ausonio who created a sub-300GT, semi-planing hull to ensure the ship’s maximum efficiency. The double chine hull causes a reduction in drag, while improving stability. The Azimut offers an upper range engine option at 2600 HP with a maximum speed up to 24 knots and a cruising speed up to 21 knots.

The Azimut Grande Trideck mega-yacht is constructed in carbon fiber and added features of epoxy resin and vinylester to further reduce its overall weight and improve its speed, range, and fuel consumption performance.

The price of the yacht is currently unavailable but is expected to be in the millions USD. Keep an eye out for this extravagant Azimut Mega Yacht here on 1Yacht.

Article Source: HyperBeast & Azimut Yachts

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